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28 January 2011
New game is out! Pixel Quartet will really push your musical guessing and puzzle solving skills to their limits!

21 May 2010
A fan of Paper Bridge and fellow developer just published all his solutions to the game on his website

12 April 2010
We're happy to announce that Apple has featured Paper Bridge in this week's New&Noteworthy list


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Pixel Quartet

Pixel Quartet is a unique blend of puzzle, musical guessing, logic and timing. It requires concentration, understanding and patience. Listen to musical loops and re-create the same loop, by ear, placing a series of interactive objects on an isometric board.

Following it's usual trend, Clever Hamster Games once again delivers an intellectually challenging puzzle game. This time it's an experimental puzzle game, mixing elements of musical guessing, logic, timing and visual spacing that will push your brain to it's limits.

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Paper Bridge

Featuring realistic physics, a colourful and unique visual style and a slick user interface, Paper Bridge puts the player in charge of designing successful bridges with adequate structure and support to hold the weight of passing vehicles. Put your engineering skills to a test, enjoy the uniquely relaxing soundtrack by guitarist Doug Jamieson and immerse yourself in the life of a bridge designer.

Paper Bridge is the first "indie" title for iOS platforms to boast a fully implemented physics system with breakable joints, realistically calculating weight distribution and stress points.

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Mini Taxi

Drive to you heart's content in this fast paced arcade style taxi game! Finally for iOS platforms a top-view racer for the arcade game lover.

Explore Mini City, keep an eye out for customers and get them to their destination in least time possible!

Choose from 4 different taxis, with their different driving styles thanks to the realtime physical simulation.

Show everyone you're the best taxi driver around and compete online for the highest score!

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Doodle Juggle

Guaranteed fun for the whole family!

Doodle Juggle allows players of all ages to take advantage of the multi-touch technology of the iPad to practice your juggling skills and show them off to friends and family!

With super realistic physics, 10 finger multi-touch, an intuitive and polished interface Doodle Juggle is the must have novelty game for the must have gadget of the year.



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Clever Hamster Games is a small independent game development studio based near Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

Featuring talent and collaborators from all around the world, the aim of the studio is to deliver highly polished and entertaining videogames for mobile platforms, focusing on original titles that stimulate the creativity of the player.

With multiple published titles on the App Store for iOS platforms, we offer consultancy and support to other independent game developers and are also available to hire for all aspects of game development, including but not limited to:


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